Good Morning Song
by Spookey247
In the bedroom, she's singing Will the "good morning" song. Eyes brimming, Mulder pictures the toothless smile that she's no doubt getting in response. Staring into the bathroom mirror, he jams the smile into his consciousness, squeezing memory shut like a worn-out suitcase.

He won't hear Scully sing tomorrow. Will's delighted grin will be lost to him.

He turns away from the mirror and loosens the tie to his pajama pants, dropping the warm cotton to the floor, breathing in the rich smell of lovemaking, of Scully coming, of him coming with her.

Their last time together. He shivers in the cold.

The glass door tracks open, sharp-edged and glittering. Scorching rain scours his flesh.

Erasing her essence. Carrying her away.

He watches water circling the drain.

The sobs begin almost immediately. He presses himself against the wall.

Hot water.

Cold tile.

No comfort.

The shower spits tiny bullets. He keens without making a sound.


Archive: Freely 
Category: 155 word angst 
Spoilers: Season Nine Premiere 
Disclaimer: Right, check. Consider it dis-claimed. 
Notes: Jumping on the 155 word bandwagon, a riff inspired by Abra Elliott's "Before Dawn."
Thanks: To Amanda for test drive and title and to Abra for kick-starting my muse with her wonderful work!

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