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Rating - NC-17 for all the stuff that makes mothers worry. Kids please read something else!
Classification/Keywords - MSR, Casefile, M/S Undercover
Disclaimers - Mulder and Scully don't belong to me. I just wanted to take away the business suits and feed them junk food. The rest of the characters in the story are mine.
Spoilers/Timeline: Early season six. Spoils FTF just a little.
Suggested Listening: Robert Plant, "Dreamland"
Thanks - to Amanda, for beta waaaaay beyond the call of duty (I am not kidding here, you have no idea.) Also to Sybil, for beta and poking and cheering, to Leogirl for test-driving, and to Syntax, for making helpful suggestions and PMing me a pep-talk when I really, really needed one. More praising and profuse thanking of these ladies in the notes at the end. Notes and assorted ramblings at the end of the story.