Spookey247 & MaybeAmanda 

Running Lessons

Rating: PG - NC17

Category: S, A, C, MSR

Spoilers: Assumes thorough and complete knowledge of every single episode. Isn't that easy? 

Timeline: Post *Existence.* Branches off from canon at that point.

Archive: Sure. Thanks!

Thanks to: Plausible Deniability for kick-ass beta;  Connie, Meg, Peggy, and Euphrosyne, for  test driving; Weyo and Robert, for special guest cameos; Dee, for appearing pro bono, yet again; and Uncle Chris, cuz it was his idea in the first place.

Summary: Twists, turns, and we hope, the completely unexpected. But please, read the category. Trust us. Would we lie?

Book One July 5th, 2001

Book Two Oct 2nd 2001

Book Three July 7th, 2002

Our Lawyer says: Chris Carter owns M&S; Fox owns The XFiles; we own this story. No infringement intended.

Book One Book Two Book Three

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